Other People & Issues of Interest

There are a lot of people in Maine who are very important, whose philosophies are pertinent, but who do not fit into the customary pigeonholes. The same is true for many of the issues.

It is for that reason that this virtual "miscellaneous" section exists. These interviews are every bit as important as those which I was able to categorize. This site simply has no tidy box in which to store them.

Interviews here include one with Millinocket Town Councilor David Cyr, who discussed the CLUP and LURC, the possibility of implementing a county form of government, and how property owners can win back some of their rights. 

State Representative Henry Joy, from Crystal, sat with me for two different interviews. His are always educational and entertaining, and Gene Conlogue, of the Maine Woods Coalition, discussed the perils of a North Woods National Park.

There is also an interview with  John DiCentes about Millinocket School Committee's decision to push through an initiative they have called the "Chinese Initiative," for which they are recruiting 60 high school students in China to attend Stearns High School at what appears to be a monetary loss to the taxpayers of Millinocket.

A member of Obama's cabinet, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar made a special trip to Millinocket, stating that he wanted to help the residents of the region decide what to do with our land.

I also called Maine's congressional delegation, just trying to find out what the mission was in Iraq.

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