Rep. Henry Joy (March 2010)

March 13, 2010 -- I had dinner with Representative Henry Joy after the Aroostook County Republican Caucus, over which he discussed his proposed "Two Maines" legislation, the impact of those who control but have no investment in the land, and John Richardson's involvement in the latest landgrab, "Treasured Landscapes."

"I met with the Governor on Thursday, and he said, 'Henry, we still have one Maine.' And I said, 'Governor, that's only because I couldn't convince Massachusetts to take Southern Maine this morning'...I've got a lot of votes to be governor of New Maine, but I told them that they need someone younger than I am. Somebody who is willing to go back and go by the Constitution and ensure that people have their rights. and not be beholden to these environmental groups. that don't have any ownership in the land…" 

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