Jason Levesque House Candidate (October 2009)

October 26, 2009 -- Jason Levesque was in Millinocket for a fundraiser, and we took that opportunity to speak to him again. 

We talked about what he's been doing since our last interview with him, tea parties, how he intends to deal with with town hall meetings and people who are unhappy with him, and funding for the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

"There needs to be a tie-in in all bills. So you can't have one bill that covers multiple different issues, that's just three of four bills piled into one. That's the problem. Each thing needs to be addressed in turn appropriately...[C]areer politicians don't want to change that because that's where they thrive. They develop chaos. They develop problems, and then they adocate that they're the only ones who can fix the problems…"

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