Ann LePage, Maine’s First Lady

February 5, 2015 — I was pleased to have coffee with the First Lady, Ann LePage at the Blaine House and talk about her non-political activities in the state. 

From soccer mom and booster to Maine’s First Lady and super-supporter of our military service members, the First Lady explained to me the road to jumping out of an airplane in support of our service members.

She discusses riding on the back of a motorcycle with the Wreaths Across America convoy in the dead of winter, jumping out of that airplane despite her fears, and her idea of going to Afghanistan to see the troops.

“I said, ‘I think I’d really like to go to Afghanistan.’ This is when the 133rd was over there, and he said, ‘No. You’re not going to Afghanistan, Ann.’ And at that time, I thought maybe I could go over there with General Campbell, just to go see the guys, but he said, ‘No. That’s not a good idea.’ “But now I have four more years to think about what I might want to do.”

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