Sheriff Richard Mack (August 2010)

August 14, 2010 -- Richard Mack was the sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, when the Brady Bill was signed into law. He filed suit against the federal government, and won at the Supreme Court. You probably haven't read that decision or the opinion which accompanied it, which said that "states are not subject to federal direction," and that is what Sheriff Mack has most recently written about. He is a proponent of the Constitution and of officers keeping their oath of office. He explained the Brady Bill, the law suit, the decision, and the fact that the sheriff is the most powerful law enforcement officer in the United States.

I sat down for a few minutes with Sheriff Mack on August 14 at Valley Forge, and here is that interview.

"I believe that the sheriff should not sue the federal government. This is what I've learned from it. The sheriffs of this country should tell the federal government, 'Stay out. Leave us alone…' What I do know is that the federal government does not want a fight with your sheriff. I guarantee you, they do not want that fight...The bottom line here is, who's supposed to protect us from tyranny? Is there a Department of Protection from Tyranny?"

Listen to the interview here:

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