Chris Lyons, Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate

October 1, 2014 -- I had the chance to talk with Chris Lyons, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Susan Collins, while we were both south of Bangor for the Common Ground Fair. 

Chris is running as an independent Mainer in a write-in campaign this November.

I invite you all to listen to him while he talks about his thoughts on the Constitution and those who don't abide by it, so-called moderate Syrians, sending troops to defeat ebola, and getting the politics out of the military.

When I asked him if he is "an independent Democrat or an independent Republican type" -- which is a question many of us unenrolled (read "independent) voters are asked -- here's how he responded:

"I'm going to say an independent independent. I find these classifications -- whether you're a Libertarian or you're a Green, or you're a Democrat or you're a Republican -- is other people trying to put you in a box. And they gain control when they put YOU in a box. I'm not in a box. Any good idea is a good idea, as long as it's in agreement with the Constitution. 

Chris’s website, where you would go to read more about who he is, to help with volunteering or money, or if you want to contact him, is here: Chris Lyons for U.S. Senate.

Listen to the interview here:

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