Blaine Richardson, District 2 House Candidate

February 27, 2012 -- Retired Navy Captain and congressional candidate Blaine Richardson drove up to Millinocket to meet with me over coffee at Ruthie's Hotel Terrace Restaurant. He talked about his thoughts and opinion about NDAA, Syria, the extent of his military service, and his principles regarding term limits, when life begins, and illegal trading in the stock market by Congress.

On why one would vote for him rather than Mike Michaud:
"It probably started about 2½, 3 years ago, watching the general direction our government was going in…but what really pushed me to take papers and move ahead was the NDAA legislation that Congress put forth and the President signed.” 

"It gives the President the authority to send the military out -- to delegate the U.S. armed services to detain, without warrant and to hold indefinitely citizens within the border. It's incredibly unconstitutional. I'm a 30-year navy veteran…Navy captain and disabled vet, and I can tell you it's an unlawful order. If I was on active duty and was directed to go out and seize one of our citizens within the border, I would resign my commission. It's an unlawful order."

Listen to the interview here:

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Blaine's campaign website is at Richardson for Congress 2012. 

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