Michael Shaw, Founder of Freedom Advocates

August 14, 2010 -- Michael Shaw, founder of Freedom Advocates, formerly Freedom 21 Santa Cruz, was a participant in the first Local Agenda 21 initiative in Santa Cruz, California. When he realized just what the policies of Local Agenda 21 -- known as sustainable development, ICLEI, and a host of other names -- began to counter the impact of the policies and founded his organization to help develop strategies for local organizations.

I had a chance to talk to Michael about environmentalism being the excuse to abolish private property, the training of our youth to become "global citizens," the nature of unalienable rights, and the concept of social justice versus equal justice.

Overall foundational statement: "The stated goal of sustainable development is to equalize wealth within and between nations."

"…public-private partnership, which is really nothing more than a polite euphemism for old-fashioned economic fascism. That is the system of economics that our Congress has adopted, and it has filtered down through every state and now is in every county. We have Agenda 21 or sustainable development programs throughout the country. There is not a county that does not have sustainability programs, whether it relates to natural resources, or it may relate to development standards in communities. Urban centers are now subject to smart growth mandates, which is the urban element of Agenda 21. And the Wildlands Project, or the Wildlands Network is the rural aspect of the land use program under Agenda 21…"

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"…the Shot Heard 'Round the World, here in the 21st century, relates to an organization called ICLEI. Now ICLEI is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. It's a UN accredited NGO that exists for the purpose of localizing the globalist movement…The purpose of ICLEI is to contract, if you can imagine that, with various cities so that ICLEI can put its people and its policies into their planning departments and other local city offices so that they can bring…sustainable development right into your city. They are remunerated under the contract…with local taxpayer funds…and once you sign a contract with ICLEI, you are on the local application of the globalist sustainable development program, and you will begin to find private property being sliced and diced in your community."

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