Steve Hempfling, Free Enterprise Society

August 14, 2010 -- Head of the Free Enterprise Society since its inception in 1985, Steve has made it his life's work to educate people about the IRS and income tax. His father was part of a coalition which worked to stop unbacked paper currency during the Kennedy Administration. Steve challenged the government to show where they had the law on their side when they require Americans to file individual income taxes.

"We can't find anywhere where an individual's made liable. We've asked the Congress, we've asked the Senate, we've asked the President. We've even sued in federal district court for an answer to these questions, and event hough they're required to give us an answer, they have thrown the lawsuits out and not answered us. To me, that's an answer, because if they had a section of law they could point to, they would be doing it."

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