Mark Lerner

September 1, 2010 -- Mark Lerner, author of "Your Body Is Your ID," is the whistle-blower who found fraud by biometrics companies to the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission and was ignored for almost two years before he made the decision to go public with the information about that fraud. He talks about his book and his knowledge which points to the fact that the Real ID Act is destined to give the most private personal information and biometrics of all Americans to corporations as well as governments around the world.

"I spent three years in the biometrics industry. You think about biometrics, you think about fingerprinting, iris scans, facial recognition…During that period, I uncovered a great deal of wrongdoing that led to a federal investigation. The federal government never disclosed the results of that investigation. I was asked to keep it confidential. I eventually went public, and the bottom line is this: I have spoken out around the country not just against Real ID, but the whole idea of having a national ID card, which is actually an international ID card…We keep talking in the context of a national ID card. If people were to go to the Real ID Act -- the law -- and look at page 68…footnote 17, in real small print, they would realize…[it's] done in accordance with the standards for the ICAO…an agency of the United Nations."

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