The Podcasts

The North of Bangor audio podcast interviews  are taped conversations which took place over coffee, usually at a restaurant of the interviewee's choosing.

Some of the people interviewed on these pages include current Governor Paul LePage, who has three interviews here, Maine State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin, Maine Commissioner of ConservationBill Beardsley, former Chair of the Maine Green Independent Party Lynne Williams, CEO of Maine & Company Matt Jacobson, University of Maine Athletic Director Steve Abbott, Director oof the Maine Turnpike Authority and former Senator Peter Mills, businessman and former CEO of the American Skiing Company Les Otten, as well as Eliot CutlerShawn MoodyKevin ScottBeverly Cooper-Pete,Donna Dion, and Samme Bailey, all of whom ran for Maine State Governor in 2010.

Jason Savage, director of Maine People Before Politics and State Representative Jeff Gifford have interviews here as well, as do State Senators Doug Thomas and Nichi FarnhamTraci Gauthier, who is currently the Penobscot Republican Committee's chair can be found here as well, as canAndrew Ian Dodge, who is a candidate for Olympia Snowe's seat in the 2012 election.

And locals will recognize the names of Pastor Bob Emrich who ran Stand for Marriage Maine during Question 1, David Crocker who headed up the tax reform initiative known as Tabor 2, Jason Levesque who ran against Mike Michaud for the Second District seat in the House of Representatives, and Representative Herbie Clark's opponent Debbi Perkins.

They will also recognize the issues of LURCthe CLUPMillinocket School Committee's controversial Chinese Initiative, the fight over a North Woods National Park, and Henry Joy's "Two Maines"concept.

And as an added bonus, I have included a recording of the numerous phone calls I had to make to our congressional delegation -- the offices of Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Mike Michaud -- trying to find out our mission in Iraq.

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